Last Spike Brewery was borne from an idea of connecting the best brewers Western Canada has to offer. More than a top-of-the-line brewery, we are a place for great brewing minds to come together to collaborate and innovate and take control of the rapidly expanding Alberta craft brewing industry.

Brewing quality beer requires skilled craftsmen, and skilled craftsmen require the best tools. Luckily, Last Spike is outfitted with the finest brewing and packaging equipment available. Our 100 BB, fully automated NSI Newlands brewhouse allows for large scale production runs and can accommodate up to 120K BB per year. Meanwhile, our 20 BB, fully automated “pilot” NSI Newlands brewhouse can be used for recipe development, seasonal brews, or smaller batch experimental brews.

Owned In: Alberta

Made In Calgary, AB:

  • Bronc Beer
  • Partner Brewing

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