We truly are very proud of our Made in Canada lures. Each Len Thompson lure is punched out from rolls of solid brass using different dies for each size of spoon. Len Thompson purchased this punch press used in 1945 for $711 and it is still going strong today. The lures come out with very rough edges so are smoothed down using various tumblers and polishing media.

Once polished and lacquered, the lures are loaded onto round trays. All of our painting is done in using airbrushing. The above No. 13 lures are pictured already painted with a white base coat. Stencils are used to apply our retail patterns although some designs (or layers) are done entirely by free-hand. Each colour is applied one at a time. Our custom lures are painted by hand too but logos/special details are printed using a pad print machine or digital print technology.

Len Thompson Lures
Owned In: Alberta

Made In Lacombe, AB:

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Last Updated December 10, 2023

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