The quality of Libererre Apothecary products comes directly from the medicinal plants of our gardens. Our respect for their qualities, in the way we care for them and process them, makes all the difference in extracting the highest therapeutic qualities they possess. We pick by hand, then load our dehydrators which are set to 95 degrees F. This temperature has been found to be optimal in preserving the medicinal qualities, as well as color and fragrance of the herbs.

Once dried, we macerate them at a 5-1 ratio (oil to plant) in Local, Organic, cold-pressed Sunflower Oil which is preserved with Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed extract, a Rosemary anti-oxident extract and dried Black Walnut leaves. The oils are left for 3 months (with occasionally shaking), in a cool, dark environment, then strained and stored in opaque containers ready to be used as the base of our products.

Owned In: Quebec

Made In Ayer’s Cliff, QC:

  • Seasonal Specials
  • Facial Products
  • Body Products
  • Balms
  • Men’s Products
  • Artisanal Cards

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Last Updated December 18, 2023

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