Low Life Barrel House is a lo-fi minimalist brewery focused on foeder aged brett and sour craft beers. Most of our beers will be aged in wood, in our case neutral American oak. Over time the porous wood will acquire distinct flavors and organisms which will be passed along to the beers aging inside. Many of the cultures we use take longer to ferment out than the Saccharomyces found in the majority of beers. To counter this we use the Solera method, where we leave a small amount (10%) behind when draining the foeder for packaging. We then add fresh wort to this existing culture, negating much of the lag time typical in this style of brewing.

Due to both the wood of the foeder and the living beer inside it, the beer will evolve over time creating a very distinct product which is very difficult to duplicate and will be unique to us. This is a process very commonly used in traditional wine making, in fact we often work with wine must while blending our beers. The result will create a distinct beer that we hope you love drinking.

Owned In: Manitoba

Made In Winnipeg, MB:

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Last Updated January 10, 2024

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