Lulu and Maxwell – There’s a special time of day for a young child and parent, a time to disconnect from the world in order to reconnect with each other, when all of the screens are turned off and imaginations are turned on.

That time is bedtime, and the best thing about bedtime is sharing a great bedtime story. After picking out a new or favourite book, you and your child get to snuggle up in their bed by a soft light, turn the first page, make funny faces and voices, and go on an adventure together. The adventure usually ends with an excited plea, “Please read it again!” which you return with a loving smile and a gentle kiss good night. What a great way for you both to end the day.

​You never want either of you to forget that time when you connected so deeply. You hope that one day your child will share such moments and stories like Lulu and Maxwell with their own children.

Lulu&Maxwell book
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Book Series:

  • Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? Monday
  • Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? Tuesday
  • Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? Wednesday
  • Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? Thursday
  • Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? Friday
  • When Lulu Met Maxwell

About the Author:

L.S. Miller, the author of Lulu and Maxwell is a business owner in the fitness and health industry. She lives an active life in Toronto, Canada, with her very active Jack Russell Terrier, Lulu. She says that wherever they go people fall in love with her little dog’s big personality, so the best way to share Lulu is to write about her. Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? Monday is L.S. Miller’s first in a series of five books showcasing the adventures she thinks Lulu may very well be enjoying when left at home alone.

About The Illustrator:

Scott Allen Hill, the illustrator for Lulu and Maxwell is an artist who for many years worked in the photography industry. He lives in Toronto, Canada, with his Yorkshire Terrier named Gizzy. “Since I can remember, I loved to draw cartoons,” he says. The first book in the Lulu series is Scott’s first illustrated children’s picture book. It all came about because of Lulu and her owner, L.S. Miller. “I can’t wait to start drawings for Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? TUESDAY.”

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