Luxury candles are the essence of Luxe and Little. We’re known for Fun and Fancy with signature scents that tickle your mind and take you back to a memorable time of happiness and joy. In 2019 we created a new signature line of candles for users of the world’s oldest plant. Smell smashing odour busters that neutralizes the air and eliminate the nasty smell left behind.

In our early days of craftsman inspired candle production, we used bottle containers but soon found they were not best suited for our unique blends. Every batch of our crafted candles are expertly designed, carefully blended and organically balanced. Today, we use stainless steel tin containers. After hundreds of candle tests, they work perfectly to uniformly cool the molecules in our organic soy while compacting our unique enzymes for best scents when stored or when lit.

Our scents never fade and your room will illuminate with freshness every time you light a Luxe & Little Luxury candle. Luxury is in our perfected product, our crated process and our passionate people who make each beautiful candle.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Mississauga, ON:

  • Original Scent
  • Jive Scent
  • Bubba & Daisy Scent

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Last Updated December 13, 2023

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