Maholi Inc. was founded in 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are a vertical Canadian manufacturer of high-quality Down-filled bedding products including Comforters, Pillows, Mattress Toppers, and luxury linens. Our company has been around for over 28 years, proving our passion for what we do and giving us confidence that customers are falling in love with our bedding and falling asleep in the best way possible. It is part of our ongoing mission to continuously research and discover new sources of Down. This year we are introducing Recycled European Down which is certified by GRS, and we will be the first manufacturer to produce this product in Canada.

Comfort, Craftsmanship, Social Responsibility, and Traceability run deep in our blood. As a brand, Maholi is RDS, GRS, and CDS certified, and on top of that, we have been an active board member of the Down Association of Canada since our beginning in 1994. If you’re looking for more background information about the down industry, this association is known as one of the best sources in the world for accurate facts about Down and Feathers. We track our sources and suppliers every step of the way to ensure our naturally luxurious materials come from Geese and Ducks that are treated humanely.

In the final stages, we use expert artisans to ensure the finest, high-quality Canadian craftsmanship you’ve come to know and expect. Every comforter, pillow, and bedding accessory is created with care to an exact specification so we can feel confident promising only the best to both our new and loyal returning customers.

Maholi Inc. is a proudly Canadian company that understands the importance of staying warm and cozy in the freezing winter months. We’ve inspected and broken down the science behind using down from Canadian birds who have adapted to living in this cold climate. We also acknowledge that staying cool in the summer has equal importance. Basically, we’ve done all the thinking for you and used the best of our findings to create materials that suit every type of person, all year round.

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