Maker’s Malts was formed by a small collective of farmers who have decades of experience growing high quality malt barley. The concept of doing a start-up craft malting operation was born out of the success of the recent Craft Beer movement. We saw a disconnect between the needs of the local Craft Brewer/Distiller and the typical source of their malt supply. The typical malt source is a large multinational company. They source grain from many farmers (with considerable agronomic differences) blend it and malt it to meet a standard acceptable to the large corporate brewers that are their main customers. Maker’s Malts only target audience is the Craft Brewer/Distiller and we are dedicated to producing malt specific to your needs.

Owned By: Matt Enns of Saskatchewan


Last Verified July 19, 2021

Made In Rosthern, SK:

  • Maker’s Pilsner HB
  • Maker’s Vienna 4.5 HB
  • Maker’s Midnight HB
  • Maker’s Premium Pale HB
  • Maker’s Munich 10 HB
  • Maker’s Bow Bayern


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