The best things come from living outside your comfort zone, and that’s just what I did when I started this business, Mamma Lisas Bakery. Born and raised in the Yukon defiantly gave me the strength and grit to take on a challenge I never knew I could. After scouring the workforce for over 25 years, I never really found a job that matched me. I am an extremely hard worker who LOVES to get her hands into many pots at a time and until I took the leap and opened my shop – I never really found the opportunity to become who I needed to be. Having children made the decision to open this bakery on my property a no brainer and so our adventure began…

Mamma Lisas Bakery (formally known as Frozen Dreams) is a home not a house, its a place where you want to come and get your homemade baked goods that grandma used to make. Its where you go to get a delicious treat, that when put to your mouth brings you joy, happiness and everlasting love… Each and every item is made with energetic intentions – I tune into your order, I pay attention and I envision what you need at this time, for each party or occasion and I put the magic into your masterpiece – a simple square, a single taste, a tiny cookie and euphoria hits.

Owned In: Yukon Territories

Mamma Lisas Bakery Products:

  • Cupcakes
  • Traditional Cakes
  • Ice-cream Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Keto Treats

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