Founded in 2019, Market Candle Company is proud to create clean burning soy wax candles in Newmarket, Ontario.  We offer clean, modern and approachable scents for your home while honouring the traditional craft of candle making.  We use only the finest ingredients ensuring a quality product that can be enjoyed by your entire family.

What began on a kitchen counter has now grown to a small commercial space, with over 25 retailers across Canada, a dedicated and loyal client base and the never ending desire to continue to grow, learn and expand our home fragrance offerings to both our wonderful loyal clients right here in Newmarket, as well as across Canada.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Newmarket, ON:

  • Soy Candles
  • Tealights
  • Soy Wax Melt
  • Wax Candles
  • Bath Bomb

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