Bernard Callebaut of Master Chocolate is a renowned Master Chocolatier, with four generations of experience behind him. Focused always on the balance of taste and style, fellow chocolatiers, chefs and gastronomes around the world revere him. Having brought worldwide recognition to his craft, many accolades have been bestowed upon him, such as: –

  • Winner for ‘Best Milk Chocolate Bar’ – 2013 International Chocolate Salon Awards in Los Angeles
  • Winner for ‘Best Chocolate Boutique’ – 2013 Top Choice Awards in Calgary
  • Silver Award – 2015 International Academy of Chocolate Awards in London

Bernard was the first North American to be bestowed the honour of “l’Ordre Internationale de la Gastronomie Francaise”, recognized by the French Government for outstanding contribution to the culinary arts. As the founder of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut, he ran the organization for over 27 years. As Calgary’s very own father of chocolate, Bernard is now proud to present his offerings and newest creations. Buy chocolates and gift boxes online for birthday parties, holiday, corporate giveaways and Christmas from one of the best chocolate manufacturers in Calgary, Canada.

Owned In: Alberta

Made In Calgary, AB:

  • Bars
  • Boxes
  • Baking
  • Weddings
  • Custom Packaging
  • Events

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