Meta4 Foods – Without knowing, my initial foray into becoming a Mitochondriac came when I first heard of “butter coffee” and high-fat diets while listening to an early Joe Rogan podcast around 2013. Faced with the pressures of a quickly growing business and the challenges of being a new father, I was on the hunt for ways to prompt my body into accessing higher states of performance and cognition. The cook in me found the notion of drinking a fat and caffeine-laden breakfast beverage incredibly enticing and since I’m consistently attracted to iconoclastic behaviour I quickly decided to give the butter-brew concoction a try… The rest is history – it became the way that I began my day for the next several years. Nutritional ketosis was an absolute game-changer for me and life would never be the same.

Owned In: Alberta

Meta4 Foods Products:

  • Brassica Mustard
  • Acadian Sturgeon & Caviar
  • Fogo Island Fish
  • Grass Fed Butter
  • Phil & Sebastian
  • Red Boat
  • Saltcraft
  • Seedlip
  • St Leon Maple Syrup
  • Hot Sauce
  • BBQ Sac

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Last Updated August 5, 2022

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