Millet King Seeds of Canada Inc was established January 1/2004 to market millet seed directly to the farmer from a farmer. Millet seed is sold to the farmer where it is planted in early June/July for the swath grazing program, cut for feed at 60 days or 15 days after your whole field is headed out (whichever comes first). Millet is anywhere from 12 – 18% protein, at the 20% dough stage, and it makes incredibly awesome cattle feed—they don’t even leave a blade of grass behind.

I’m now in my 14th year of business and service approximately 2000 plus satisfied cattle customers from British Columbia to Quebec. This is my 27th crop going in this year. Millet King Foods of Canada Inc. was established in 2010 to produce, harvest, and manufacture gluten free Millet food products so people with celiac can enjoy prize winning food products and enjoy living and functioning in an awesome lifestyle.

Owned In: Manitoba

Made In St. Claude, MB:

  • Millet Flour
  • Millet Seed

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Last Updated December 3, 2023

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