Hi 👋🏻, Alice here. I am excited to share with you a healthy alternative to conventional chocolate at Mindful Monk. Our handcrafted functional fudge squares (aka fat bombs) use clean, natural ingredients so that you can feel good inside and out. Most importantly, there are no added sugars! We know sugar is toxic and negatively affects our health, but facts aren’t enough to change a habit. We often wait until something happens. For me, it was gestational diabetes. Sugar is in almost everything these days (read the labels). And the reason we crave it is that it gives us a hit of dopamine every time we ingest it.

With the experience and knowledge I gained from eating minimally processed whole foods, I used a low carb, high fat, moderate protein lifestyle to manage my reoccurring gestational diabetes when I became pregnant with my second. Unlike my first pregnancy, where I was heavily dependent on insulin, I used food as my medicine to keep my blood sugar levels within range. The key to satisfying my cravings while getting healthy doses of fat to keep my hunger at bay was eating fat bombs.

When I searched the market for a ready-made fat bomb using ingredients clean enough for my family, nothing was available. That’s when I decided to create a recipe that had no added sugar, sugar alcohols or dairy (thanks D). After several failed attempts and having friends and family taste-test, I DID IT! Now, I’m on a mission to make functional foods for everyBODY to help prevent or reduce chronic diseases, wherever you shop.

If you are ready for change or want to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, you’ve come to the right place. Our functional fudges allow you to enjoy your indulgence without any added guilt or sugar.

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