Monica Gewurz Contemporary Art – Originally from Peru, born to Polish parents, I moved to Canada in 1976. After a successful multi-disciplinary career spanning 30 years, I have now established myself as a Canadian international artist making art that evokes emotion and welcomes viewers into tranquil and calming spaces. My inspiration is the Pacific Northwest Landscape My artwork draws on the exceptional seascapes and sublime sunsets of the Pacific West Coast, and from my travels around the world.

“My paintings are described as ethereal -luminous textured seascapes- landscapes that are beautifully imperfect and welcome viewers into tranquil and calming spaces. They mostly have a seascape feel. Each work of art takes the viewer on a journey that requires contemplation and introspection resulting in an amazing rewarding inner discovery.”

Based In: British Columbia

Created In Vancouver, BC:

  • Seascapes and Sunsets
  • Abstract Landscapes

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