Naturawls takes great pride in offering products you can trust. We use only Canadian meat that is sourced as locally as possible. Treats and dinners are prepared in our facility in Southwestern Ontario.

Because you want your pet to live the longest, healthiest life possible. Raw diet is what our carniverous pets have evolved to eat. No other diet can hope to compete with natural food. Our dehydration process is very consistent. Please note that colour and texture of meat can vary subtly from batch to batch.

Dog Diets Are each composed of a single meat protein. Mix and match! Cat Diets contain a small amount of trout for those finicky felines.

Owned By: Dane Creek Capital Corp. of Ontario

Made In St. Thomas, ON:

Dog Treats:
  • Beef Products
  • Chicken Products
  • Turkey Products
  • Duck Products
  • Smelt Products
  • Lamb Products
  • Rabbit Products
  • Salmon Products
  • Sweet Potato Products
  • Venison Products
Dinners for Cats & Dogs:
  • Chicken Dinners
  • Duck Dinners
  • Lamb Dinners
  • Turkey Dinners
  • Trout Dinners

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Last Updated December 2, 2023

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