Bringing our hot sauce products to the public started in December 2020. This was during the Covid pandemic, but it wasn’t really why we started Need the Heat. After making hot sauces for friends and family (can you say ‘Pine in My Arse’?) for many years, we decided to create this little side hustle. Our main prerogative was ensuring we paid attention to all of the details that made our sauces unique.

Online sales and word of mouth prompted us to open a booth in the 400 Market in December 2021. In Summer of 2021, we developed our ‘Candied Menace’ which is now our most popular product, amazing to see people’s love of these sweet jalapenos!

Forward to Summer 2022, we’re in several grocery stores and expanding our reach and selection. Based in Newmarket, Ontario, we source local ingredients as much as possible to keep our communities connected.

Need The Heat
Owned In: Ontario

Made In Newmarket, ON:

  • Candied Hot Sauce
  • Mango Hot Sauce
  • Pineapple Hot Sauce
  • Peach Hot Sauce
  • Habanero Cranberry hot Sauce (seasonal)

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