OBLOOM – TRUU by Nature Canada – From our unique concentrated powdered shampoos (just add your own water!) to the luxurious simplicity of our eco 2-in-1 shampoo bars, our products feature fantastic plant-based ingredients. You won’t find any “polysorbates” dimethicones or cyclomethicone here! Only naturally-sourced alternatives that WORK and respect our planet.

Every ingredient in the OBLOOM haircare line has been carefully chosen, and there are tons of gorgeous botanicals in each product:

  • Cold-pressed oils that act like natural silicone alternatives and protect your hair
  • Vitamins and minerals that strengthen scalp follicles and rebuild strength
  • Clays that cleanse gently without stripping your skin’s natural protective oils and barriers
  • Extracts from seeds, fruits, leaves, roots – all serve a purpose and are not just
    “thrown into the mix” drop by drop as marketing gimmicks… No siree!

OBLOOM - TRUU by Nature Canada
Owned In: Ontario

Made In Burlington, ON:

  • Powder To Foam Shampoo
  • Conditioning Shampoo Bars

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