Welcome to my online workshop, Off Your Rocker. Come in, have cup of hot coffee and browse the hand-crafted pieces I have to offer. My name is Frank Bray. Since making my first rocking chair in 2004, I’ve crafted hundreds of chairs, and I’ve learned to listen closely to the needs of my customers.

That’s why I believe in custom orders to ensure you get the perfect chair for you!
All of my chairs are based off one built in 1910, which I repaired for a friend. That Mission Rocker is still in use today and in the same family too!

My workshop is located in Eastern Ontario, Canada; this is a largely rural area of farmlands and small villages. I love to go to my workshop in the morning, turn on some classic old music and work away at something I love to do. It certainly helps the day go fast and most days are not long enough. From this geographic spot, I can ship my chairs anywhere in North America, from California to Florida, British Columbia to Newfoundland.

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Made In Belleville, ON:

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