Oxford Frozen Foods is the world’s largest supplier of quality frozen wild blueberries and Canada’s premier processor of frozen carrot products. We also produce diced onion and frozen rutabaga. We have a state of the art appetizer manufacturing facility producing onion rings, cheese sticks and battered vegetables.

The seed of our family-run business was planted in a small Nova Scotia town blessed with ideal conditions for growing Wild Blueberries. The year was 1968 and Oxford Frozen Foods was a small company with plans to make this delicious fruit the natural pick of consumers around the world. Today with eight manufacturing facilities and two large farming operations within Atlantic Canada and the United States we’re the industry leader.

Oxford Frozen Foods has grown to be much more than the world’s largest provider of Wild Blueberries, we are also one of North America’s largest producers of premium, frozen carrots and one of Canada’s premier manufacturer’s of onion rings and battered appetizers.

​We became an industry leader by carefully nurturing a reputation for quality and integrity. The Oxford standard of excellence has led to long term, strategic alliances with our suppliers and major customers around the world. Cooperative partnerships are fundamental to the way we do business, as you’ll soon discover on this tour of our operations. Welcome to Oxford Frozen Foods!

Owned In: Nova Scotia

Made In Atlantic Canada:

  • Wild Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Appetizers

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