PECO is creating art from melted plastic. Raising awareness about the plastic crisis in our environment. The plastic is melted into plates with unique designs. First we gather every day plastics. We even send a box for plastic connection when someone buys one of our pieces. The plastic is then melted almost like the way bread is made. In a tray the size of a loaf. Gas masks are worn due to the toxicity of the plastic when it is being melted.

After that the melted plastic is pressed using an old traditional book press to about three quarter inches thick. The creation now begins where each design is uniquely drawn then cut out of the plates. Then it is refined and mounted to a wood backing with studs. The plastic art is then polished, buffed and then finished with an essential oil coating and then framed. All done by Danja and Roger Brenninkmeyer in Burnaby, BC.

Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Burnaby, BC:

  • Collaborative Creations
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