First established by Boris Peetz in 1925, the artisans at PEETZ Outdoors have been crafting high quality fishing reels, rods and tackle for generations of passionate West Coast fishermen – from California to Alaska and everywhere in between!

We’re one of the world’s oldest continuous makers of quality fishing equipment and we’ve earned our reputation for delivering products of exceptional performance and durability. On this site, you’ll find a selection of our handcrafted products, as well as those from our partners who share a similar philosophy towards quality workmanship.

Unlike most of the modern fishing gear available today, PEETZ fishing reels carry a special place of distinction in the hearts and tackle boxes of many West Coast fishermen. They are timeless works of functional art to be used, abused and shared as lasting legacies of a family’s enduring passion for the sport of fishing.

Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Victoria, BC:

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