Building an eco-friendly company is no easy task, but at Pela we’ve made our goals clear and simple: Reduce plastic waste; Decrease dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels and oil-based plastics; Educate people about plant-based, sustainable alternatives; Build a vibrant community.

We believe that the technology exists to make our BHAG a reality, it just takes the right company with the right community to make these products the new normal. This is why we are developing products made of environmentally sensible materials. To educate and inspire the global community of people who are committed to making a positive impact on our planet.

This all started with Jeremy Lang, our founder.  He saw first hand the damage plastic was doing to our oceans while on family vacation in Hawaii in 2008.  Jeremy had the courage to spend years experimenting with new materials to try and find an alternative to plastic that could be used in everyday products.

It’s one thing to have a strong mission and purpose, it is another thing entirely to create and nurture the team and community required to make this waste free future a reality.   This is why we created our core values.  To help us and our community stay the course.

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