Pennyfoot Puppets began in the summer of 1974 when Doug decided to carve a marionette. That was Jeremiah. A second one followed, Esmerelda, after some tweaking of the original pattern. Phyllis wigged and clothed the marionettes and took them to school. Puppet plays need more than 2 marionettes, so in the ensuing years, more puppets were created to fit the plays students wrote (high school as well as elementary). Then came the idea to sell them at local craft shows.

All of the marionettes are hand carved. The clothing is individually designed and sewed, and all of the wigs are done by hand. We have completed many custom orders in both sizes.

We have been making marionettes for a very long time, but we are not finished yet. It is too much fun to create something new (even though the sanding of the wood gets rather boring). We also enjoy going to craft shows to show people how to work marionettes. The older generations especially enjoy watching the puppets being worked and like to tell us about the marionette they had.

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Made In Woodstock, ON:

  • Wooden Marionettes

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