Two old friends, two cold beers, and a plan to save the feet of millions of Canadians! Back in 2017 while meeting for lunch, a heated discussion between future partners, Troy and Josh, about who could hold their breath the longest evolved into a much needed conversation about the current state of mens socks in Canada. Why must we shell out $30 bucks for some office personality? Why can’t we buy any socks that are manufactured here in Calgary? Why are we still only on our first beer?

Flash forward to June 2020 and we are now pumped to announce that Plainsbreaker Socks are now fully manufactured in Canada! On top of that, we are the only cotton fashion sock manufacturer in Canada…. That we know of. We are now in full control of the manufacturing process. What does that mean for you?

That means you can always count on your socks containing 100% organic cotton that meets the strictest environmental law in the world. In fact, we are upcycling most of our waste, taking the flawed socks and cut yarns and making dog beds and pillows. That’s right, making sweet dream stations for poochies and saving mother earth at the same time! There are no Canadian sock companies that are more environmentally sustainable and ethically produced than us.

Made In Canada:

  • Full Crew Socks
  • Half Crew Socks
  • Non Medical Face Masks


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