At Planted North or Baby See See, we believe that a truly Organic Lifestyle begins with just one seed. We want Canadians from Coast to Coast to not only understand and appreciate the importance and satisfaction obtained by providing natural food for their families, but to also take comfort and pride knowing that their backyard or balcony is the perfect source to a healthy, sustainable food supply.

Our Vegetable Variety Pack contains a diverse selection of carefully selected, quality seeds. Canadian Agriculture provides the roots to which our lives depend and we must protect this foundation as a safe and stable source for future generations.

Organic Seeds Vegetables Variety Pack Canada - 15 Heirloom, Non GMO, (900+) Organic Seeds for Planting,
Owned In: Ontario

Made In Milton, ON:

  • Eggplant – Black Beauty Organic
  • Spinach – Renegade Hybrid Organic
  • Pepper – Cal Wonder Yarden Organic
  • Sunflower – Organic Russian Mammoth
  • Pole Bean – Green Wonder Pole Organic
  • Corn – Sunnyvee Sweet Organic
  • Carrots – Organic Nantes
  • Beets – Early Wonder Organic
  • Onion – Stuttgarter Organic
  • Cucumber – Organic Marketmore
  • Lettuce – Organic Grand Rapids Lettuce
  • Radish – Raxe Organic
  • Kale – Vates Blue Curled Organic
  • Celery – Organic Tango
  • Leeks – Giant Musselburg Organic

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