Polar Bear Creations – My introduction to Waldorf dolls came when my youngest sister attended a Waldorf School. My mom had a gift store in our town where she also sold Waldorf dolls and other natural toys. I fell in love with them right away. Their sweet, simple faces, how they were made and the philosophy behind them captivated me

I made my first doll after I started having my own children. It took many more years for me to pursue doll making in more detail. Since then I have also made many other natural toys and there are so many more ideas to realize.

Owned In: Northwest Territories

Made In Yellowknife, NWT:

  • Blankies
  • Dolls
  • First Dol
  • Cuddle Dolls
  • Mini Babies
  • Northern / Arctic Mini Babies
  • Pocket Dolls
  • Critter
  • Insects and Fish
  • Nature Table
  • … and more

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