Polysleep has teamed up with one of the largest and oldest foam producers in Canada. With our years of experience gained through testing and the manufacturer’s 50+ years of experience.

Did you know that the weight of a mattress can double in just a few years due to the build up of germs, sweat and dead skin cells? That’s why we use our exclusive ISO 20743:2013 antimicrobial foam. It reduces the growth of bacteria that forms over time in your mattress. You’ll benefit from a healthier sleeping surface and you extend the life of your mattress. Medical grade foam – ISO 20743:2013 compliant.

No more “toss & turn” side effects

With Zero Motion Transfer technology, you’ll never experience the side effects of someone tossing and turning. It’s so great and it even pasted the wine test! Sleep better together.

Sleep cool, stay cool

A hot sweaty sleep, we’ve all experienced it at least once — it’s the worst! Our open cell memory foam allows air to flow and temperature to regulate, providing a better, cooler sleep. Temperature control.

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