Prahsik is an independent fashion label comprised of ready-to-wear clothing and bespoke designs. Janis Procyk, the principal of Prahsik, was educated in Vancouver at the Blanche Macdonald Centre and was the recipient of the school’s prestigious Overall Achievement Award. She came home to Saskatchewan to launch Prahsik with the intent of pushing the boundaries of fashion on the prairies. Prahsik is a phonetic pronunciation of Janis’ last name which, along with the label’s designs, represents an unambiguous and bold representation of who Janis is. Prahsik’s pieces are unique and confident, incorporating strong colours, bold lines, daring fabrics, and tailored cuts. From risqué cut-outs paired with delicate lace to versatile business clothing made out of tapestry, Prahsik is constantly pushing boundaries to create pieces that exude personality and turn heads.

Prahsik Clothing
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Made In Regina, SK:

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