Pure Anada Inc. – My first career was hairstyling. I enjoyed the creative aspect of working in a salon, as well as the relationships I built with my clients. However over the years, I developed sensitivities to some of the products and chemicals we were using on a daily basis. Eventually, I was using prescription creams on my hands, and couldn’t make it through the day without respiratory allergy medication.

After having two small children and decided that it was time to live a more holistic lifestyle. I changed many household and personal care items to healthier, more environmentally friendly alternatives. The last products to go were my color cosmetics. I was accustomed to using high-quality, salon brands and could not find “natural” makeup on the market that met my expectations. I have always had an insatiable desire to “make it myself”. As child, I learned to sew, bake bread, and craft just about anything and everything. Surely I could make my own makeup!? I researched the prospect and jumped in with both feet! I remember the days when I would tuck the kids into bed, and bring out my stash of ingredients. I was hooked!

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Made In Morden, MB:

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Last Updated January 13, 2024

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