A few year after I had given birth to my daughter I was trying to find a bralette that fit my new shape. The more bralettes I tried on the more frustrated I became as I seemed to be either spilling out the top, sides, bottom, or (more often) everywhere! Basic sizing wasn’t going to cut it. Once I perfected the fit and started wearing it, I completely fell in love with my bralette. It was incredibly comfortable and, because it fit my shape so well, it was way more supportive than I had anticipated. After wearing it for a couple days I couldn’t go back to wearing anything else.

I figured I couldn’t be the only one with this experience, so I took my sewing and costume design experience and scaled my design. After much trial and error (and a huge pile of prototypes!) I perfected the design for over 40 different sizes. Armed with these bralettes (and matching undies) I went to local markets and set up in a few local stores to find out how the bralettes fit a variety of different shapes and sizes. I was curious to find out if other women would love these as much as I did.

After trying on their size they fell in love. Most of them (like me) didn’t even know so such a comfortable, functional, and beautiful bra was even a possibility.

Made In Canada:

  • Women’s Lingerie


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