Roses Without Thorns is a Toronto based craft business that is specialized in Paper Crafts. The Owner/Artist, Link Tong, graduated from Algonquin College (Ottawa) as a Floral Designer in 2008 and has been working as a freelance artist since then. With the help of his family & friends, Link started Roses Without Thorns – a professional craft business, which was always his teenage dream – in 2014.

Kirigami (Art of Paper Cutting) is an ancient Japanese art that is very popular in Asia among other forms of Paper Crafts (such as Origami, Paper Quilting…). Link’s family and friends started a craft business in Hanoi-Vietnam in 2003 when Laser Cut Technology was a brand new concept. They were among the first members of a community of designers/artists/artisans that was creating and developing this kind of 3D Pop-Up Card Art.

Roses Without Thorns
Owned In: Ontario

Made In Toronto, ON:

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