Producing Canadian-made boots is at the heart of the ROYER family identity. From the initial craftsman’s workshop founded in 1934 to today’s modern facilities – our passion and knowhow has been passed on from father to son for three generations. Although monumental changes in techniques and methods have characterized our industry, one thing has remained the same: the pride in making genuine Canadian  products that bear our name.

We have more than 140 models that are designed, cut, assembled and soled in Canada, in the Eastern Townships, more than 55 models are also designed and soled here and nearly 40 models that are designed here and made internationally. You can do a search for Made In Canada to find the home made products.

Owned In: Quebec

Made In Canada:

  • Shoes
  • Athletics
  • 6 Inch Boots
  • 8 Inch Boots
  • Women’s Boots

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