Chef Nate at Slow Bottled Sunday has been saucing up BC’s harvest since he was a young lad living in the Gulf Islands. A “fruit ketchup” recipe that he found in an old family cookbook inspired him to save the plums that collected in his backyard. Soon he was gathering fruit from neighbors and seasoning the harvest into unique creations that he could preserve year round. It was the beginning of a lifelong curiosity about forgotten and delicious ways to celebrate local food.

Slow Bottled Sunday was created to share these discoveries. We develop products to encourage people to kick back and enjoy brunch, get down and dirty with campfire grub, or prepare the slow-cooker for a well-earned family meal with inspired flavors of BC’s backyard. Our slow-cooked celebrations of BC surprise seasoned chefs, inspire grab-and-goers, and explode perceptions of what sauce and condiments are. Add smoke to your lentil burgers, dip for veggie pakoras and a marinade to pulled jackfruit. Season your ribs, sausages and chicken with nature’s goodness. Welcome to this delicious adventure. Your palette will thank you.

Slow Bottled Sunday
Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Saanich, BC:

  • Peach Desert
  • Cherry Sweetness Chipotle Spice
  • Original
  • Cherry On Top

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