We are a family-owned, Canadian Company that provides local, handcrafted Canadian furniture. St. Jacobs Furnishings strives to provide high quality furniture that will last you and your family for generations. For 35 years, St. Jacobs Furnishings Co. has worked with Waterloo Region’s finest Mennonite builders, along with only Canadian suppliers. Nowhere in our story is there packaging or a warehouse when it comes to solid wood furniture.

We currently work with over 10 local Mennonite builders throughout Waterloo Region. However, our beginnings correlate with the origins of the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market. What is now our store’s building was once the entire indoor market full of vendors – including a small section with Old Order Mennonite furniture pieces. Furniture was a secondary industry for the Old Order Mennonites at that time. They would bring some of their early creations of solid oak and pine tables, along with their livestock, for auction next door, normally in the same truck/trailer to sell.

Owned In: Ontario

St. Jacobs Furnishings Products:

  • Bedroom Products
  • Dining Products
  • Entertainment Products
  • Home Office Products
  • Accents

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