One of our main goals for the future of Suncoast Enclosures is to build on our past successes. They are, we think, our desire to put the customer first and our ability to innovate solutions for problems and challenges that come about as we go along our normal course of business. As we look at our past and the innovations that have made our customers happy and us successful we realize that we must continue to strive to make our products and service even better.

With this in mind we have recently introduced a new structure that features an opening roof. We feel that there are people for whom our existing enclosure is not quite a perfect fit. For areas where the hot sun is the bigger issue or the rain we now offer the option of having a structure where the roof can be open for the sun or closed for the rain or positioned anywhere in between.

Already we are seeing great response to the “Louvered Roof” system and expect it to soon rival our existing screen room and 3 season room offerings in sales. From here we will continue to make improvements on existing products and service as well as continue the search for more and better ways to create better outdoor living for our customers.

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Made In Edmonton, AB:

  • Three Season Room
  • Louvered Roof
  • Screen Room
  • Retractable Screens
  • Screen Wall
  • Residential Patio Covers
  • Commercial Products

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