Susan Koche Atelier – As a child, one of Susan’s favourite games was playing “jewellery store” on the beach at the family cabin on Galiano Island. Surf-tumbled sea glass, weathered crockery, and pleasing stones were set up on drift wood and sandstone “display cases”. These elements are still her favourite “gemstones” and they are incorporated into jewellery using traditional silversmithing techniques. Susan has travelled to many disused ocean dumpsites in search of sea glass. Because of the unique nature of sea glass and beachstones all pieces are one-of-a-kind and completely hand-fabricated from silver wire and sheet.

It was during a beginners metalsmith class where the first flash of a modest chef’s torch had Susan hooked. She set up a rudimentary studio in an outbuilding on her property and began to play in earnest. Additional training has led Susan to workshops up and down the West Coast, from Vancouver Island to San Francisco. Since then Susan has had several opportunities to study with gifted maestros in the mountains of Central Mexico.

Susan now works from her small farm in the Cowichan Valley and her cottage in Ruxton Island. Not to worry – she has long since upgraded from the lowly shed to the main house where there’s heat! Plumbing! Internet! Now all that she needs is more time in the day. Life is good!

Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Galiano, BC:

  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets

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