Swiftspace is a Canadian company located in Kitchener, Ontario. We were built on the belief that employees deserve aesthetically pleasing but functional work spaces that can easily adapt and reconfigure to how they want to work.

Our solutions replace traditional workstations that are immobile, inflexible, and are very labor-intensive to set up and take down. Swiftspace’s many product lines provide a comprehensive solution that will meet the needs of any organization’s workspace requirements, from private or collaborative individual spaces to multi-person meeting areas. Swiftspace products allow organizations to reconfigure their workspaces, without the use of tools or professional installers, within minutes. Swiftspace products create flexible, accessible office systems that can be adapted to handle the always-present need to change and evolve in order to survive.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Kitchener, ON:

  • Mobile Walls
  • Protection & Safety Screens
  • Solo Workstations
  • Foresight Benching System
  • Height-Adjustable Tables
  • Rendezvous Mobile Meeting Room
  • Flip Carrel
  • Mobile Tables
  • Mobile Storage
  • Mobile Meeting Booth
  • Shift Workstation
  • DOS Meeting Booth

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Last Updated December 10, 2023

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