The Capsaicin Cartel is a small batch, big flavor artisanal producer of hot sauce, condiments and confections made with hot and superhot peppers located in Chateauguay, QC, Canada. We are a married couple Nico and Kary-Ann, that are passionate about hot peppers and the chili community.

We currently have 6 wins under our belt; Our Can’Eh’Jun won 3rd place in the mild category(2022), Hell’s Ketchup won 3rd place in the Hot Category at the 2021 YOW Hot Sauce Awards and our Anti-Virus19 won FIRST place in the medium category, Serum22 won first place in the hot category and King of Sauce (2022) and Sangat Pedas won first place in the extreme category (2022)

Recently, our Anti-Virus19 has been featured in Chatelaine magazine as one of 15 of the best hot sauces in Canada.

Owned In: Quebec

Made In Hemmingford, QC:

  • Spicy Syrup
  • Hot Pepper Seeds
  • Hot Sauce

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