The Maple Man’s maple syrup is made at his maple grove in Sainte-Marie de Beauce (in Quebec’s Saint-Ange region), approximately 45 minutes from Quebec City, Quebec’s capital. The maple grove has about 2500 trees. The maple sap is brought to a boil in stainless steel pans placed on a wood fire.

The Maple Man highlights ancestral techniques in order to transform his maple syrup into a high-quality and well-regarded product. To this end, sap is collected in buckets, which are carried to the sugar shack by horse. Then, according to ancestral methods, the sap is slowly brought to a boil over a maple wood fire. This work retains a natural rhythm since no industrial machinery nor any high-technology tools are used in the transformation of the sap.

The Maple Man
Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Kelowna, BC:

  • Maple Candy
  • Maple Lollipops
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Hard Sugar
  • Maple Butter
  • Maple Caramel
  • Maple Peanut
  • Maple Syrup
Other Products:
  • Wooden Spoons
  • Step-Dancing Marionette
  • Finger-Woven Sash

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