Theoretically Brewing Company was founded in mid 2012 by Kris Fischer and Kelti Baird. As friends and home-brew enthusiasts, Kris and Kel began a journey that would ultimately lead from brewing on the back deck of a west-side house to the establishment and growth of Lethbridge’s first micro-brewery, opening it’s doors in December 2015.

With a focus on the scientific method, this pair of nerds set about growing a quirky, nerdy little brewery bent on environmental sustainability, community support and growth, social awareness, and fun. With the help of close family and friends, who stay a part of the operations of our little experiment to this very day, we were able to build a culture of kindness around our brand and focus on the enhancement of our Warehouse District location and community.

Our brewing philosophy is simple: 100% Canadian Ingredients + Canadian-Made Equipment + Canadian Talent = 100% Canadian product that tastes great and feeds back into our local economy. This isn’t a hard philosophy to adopt either, especially when Western Canada provides the best ingredients in the brewing industry! We are proud to support local growers and producers for all of our ingredient needs!

Owned In: Alberta

Made In Lethbridge, AB:

  • Ale
  • Amber
  • IPA
  • Sour
  • Porter
  • Hefeweizen

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Last Updated January 11, 2024

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