So the first part of the Travois Ale Works story should probably be the name… TRAVOIS… Travois were used by Great Plains aboriginal bands to haul their stuff. It usually consisted of two long poles with some sort of framework, lashed to the sides of your dog. The poles dragged behind the dog and the frame carried your tipi and food. Dog travois were usually quite small, capable of pulling about 25kg. Later, dogs were replaced by horses, and the increased pulling power allowed tipis to get bigger in size and people to haul more worldly belongings. Early fur trappers trekking through the Canadian West, and even the RCMP, copied the dog travois they saw as an easy and efficient means to haul more stuff.

Travois, the Ale Works, began back in 2016 (ish?) over beers, what else? Jacques was about to embark on an American Brewers Guild course, driven by a desire to learn more about a craft he had already been exploring… as fate would have it, late in 2016 Jacques met Rob… who had recently acquired a building at 612 3rd Street in downtown Medicine Hat, and wasn’t sure what he was going to do with it.

…and now we’re Travois Ale Works… come on down, see what we’ve done with the place, try the beer, and decide for yourself if it was a good idea…

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Made In Medicine Hat, AB:

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