At Trinkets By Chaos we specialize in the creation of everything that is crochet and handmade. We take pride in our work to ensure that every stitch is perfect, and that every customer is happy (and yes that means that sometimes we have to take it all apart and start again if we aren’t happy with the final result). We believe that our shop has a little trinket or treasure for every child and adult. We specialize in toys, but have expanded recently to also include other things like home decor items, accessories, and apparel. We have three shop members that actively make trinkets for our store, and a team member that procures beautifully made editions of classic literature. We always have something NEW in the shop.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Toronto, ON:

  • Little Trinkets
  • Under The Sea
  • My Little Princess
  • Majestic Animals
  • Farm Animals
  • Zoo Animals
  • Doggies

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Last Updated January 14, 2024

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