We’re Vellum Wellness, a Vancouver based wellness company that provides tools to unite your mind and body through essential oil based products. We’re filling in the gap between men’s and women’s skincare through simple, well crafted self-care products.

Our vegan wellness products provide natural remedies for a modern lifestyle. Our blends help sore thumbs from scrolling, aching necks from emails and restore sleep long lost to side hustles. It’s so much more than products, we use the practice of aromocholoty, the sience of scent and emotion, and give you the tools to create custom blends based on the emotions that you want to feel.

Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Vancouver, BC:

  • Custom Blending Kits
  • Cannabis Sativa Lotion
  • Lympha Facial Roller
  • Single Origin Essential Oils
  • Pure Vegan Carrier Oils

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