Volprivé grew out of a desire to rethink travel comfort. My goal was to provide travellers with a stylish and distinctive experience in the airport, on the plane, in their hotel and at the beach. For me, the travel experience is greatly enhanced by the cozy softness of high quality, fashionable relaxation travel accessories.

Based on the know-how of our local craftsmen, our wool yarn is transformed into fabrics for the making of shawls, blankets, pillows or sleep masks that we make in our workshop. Memory foam from Zedbed, the high-end Canadian mattress manufacturer, becomes the basis of our compact pillows, and what about the fabrics that we choose and print locally for the manufacture of our bags and pouches and protective masks, all the elements have been designed to offer softness and durability.

From local knitters to fabric printers and memory foam manufacturers, our suppliers are all locally sourced. We are very proud to offer 100% Canadian luxury products.

Owned In: Quebec

Volprivé Inc Products:

  • Masks
  • Travel Pillows
  • Textiles
  • Combos
  • Bags
  • Candles

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