Our new Main Lodge is a Nova Scotia masterpiece – inspired by White Pointers and built of and by Nova Scotia. Showcasing dozens of Nova Scotia products, materials and workmanship, it is a work of art to be enjoyed for many generations to come. If this is your first visit to White Point, as you drive down the laneway between rows of log cabins and centennial rose bushes like thousands before you since 1928, we hope the White Point essence starts to work its magic to melt your cares away and let your memories begin.

The resort has weathered nine decades of Nova Scotia’s history, catering to the needs and wants of our guests. We are proud to have achieved the longest average stay and the greatest number of repeat customers of any hotel operator in the province.

We believe that this success has come to us because of the feeling that exists at White Point. It’s a feeling that comes with knowing that your bartender’s grandfather tended the same bar in his youth. It comes from hearing the recreation staff telling the story of Ivy, who ran the dining room in the 1920s, whose ghost is said to roam the Main Lodge. It’s a feeling that comes from knowing the story of the local lads of the 1940s sneaking across the footbridge to the staff houses on summer nights to court the White Point girls.

Expansion has been gradual at White Point but continuous through the years. All of the original buildings were of split log construction. We have maintained this charming rustic style throughout while offering a wider range of accommodations and amenities. We pride ourselves on keeping the original look and feel at White Point Beach Resort that was created by our founders.

We’re proud of our history. That’s why you won’t find it tucked away for safekeeping in a cedar chest somewhere. You will notice that evidence of our past is all around you during your stay with us. Just take a look at the many photographs and artifacts that decorate the walls of the Main Lodge and many of our accommodations.

You may have realized by now that we’re pretty big on memories here at White Point Beach Resort. We hope you’ll come to our resort time and time again to make some of your own. Who knows? Maybe in fifty years, you’ll find your own smiling face in a frame on our wall. The thing about White Point Beach memories is that they’re always in the making.


  • Accessible
  • Gift Shop
  • Hot Tub
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Wellness Programs
  • Indoor Heated Pool
  • Coffee & Tea Service
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Laundry On Site
  • Resident Bunnies
  • Year Round Events

Pet Friendly

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Open 24 Hours

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