My COMMITMENT is to build individual instruments to the highest possible standards using the best materials available and never take any shortcuts. To me, building individual instruments means taking the extra time to make the most of each instrument, bringing out its own voice. Building this way takes a tremendous amount of time but the results are worth it.

Archtop guitars are crafted from select billets of the finest air dried, well-seasoned North American and European cello woods. Every piece of wood that does not meet these standards is returned. Most wood is then put away, for several more years, to age and season further in my shop.


These paintings have all been done with water based mediums, both acrylic and watercolor. Most have since been sold to various clients scattered across North America and Europe. These paintings are representative of paintings that were done since the 1970’s that look at man’s relationship with our environment and though man himself is usually absent from the canvas, his presence is felt in the man made objects in most of the paintings. I truely believe that it is considerably past the time for us to answer to nature for our sins.

Made In Canada:

  • Guitars
  • Paintings


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PO Box 203 Bridgetown, NS B0S 1C0


44.8418357, -65.2883507

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