Nestled in the heart of Millarville valley is The Fibre Ark, home to our flock of sheep and alpacas and Woolly Meadows Felting. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products, kits & supplies. The bulk of wool we use comes from our own animals, raised only for their fibre fleeces which grow to about 5 inches in length and are shorn once or twice a year. Our wooly flock is well suited to the beautiful (although cold at times!) Canadian Rocky Mountain Foothills, and are lovingly cared for, living happy & long (many are in their teens), productive wool-growing lives!

We were drawn to Shetland sheep as they have wonderful, spunky personalities, a resilient outlook, and gorgeous fleeces. Shetland sheep wool comes in a rainbow of natural colours, it’s fine enough to make some of the most intricate lace shawls, and strong enough to hold its shape when felted without the need for a metal armature. Our fleeces are processed at the local (Central Alberta) Mill, and supplemental wool is sourced from within Canada, Ashford (NZ), and a Mill in Yorkshire (UK).

All of our kits come with 2 European medium-gauge Felting Needles, North American High-density foam (or Wool Felting Surface), a generous amount of wool in colours specific to your project, full-colour printed instructions (or E Tutorial) with a size guide diagram to follow along.

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