Yellowlees Family Farm is a small farm that raises sheep and lambs as well as growing sunflowers and millets for birdseed. Recently, pork and beef has been added into the operation. Focus on farm gate sales direct to the consumer.

Like many farming families, we are committed and caring: they raise a flock of 350 ewes so they’re able to sell delicious lamb (raised on homegrown grains and hay) year-round. But they’re also innovators: in addition to traditional lamb cuts and products, the Yellowlees sell their Agri-Food Innovation Award-winning lamb meat bun, a unique ground lamb and veggie snack.

Owned In: Ontario

Grown In Nestleteon, ON:

  • Lamb Burger Patties
  • Lamb Sausages
  • Lamb Meat Pies
  • Lamb Savoury Lamb Tarts
  • Lamb and Feta Strudel
  • Lamb Meat Bun
  • Wild Bird Seed

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