Our Jet Pet Resort Olympic Village facility serves as the first, fully-customized Dog Purposeful facility in North America – meaning that we designed it, from the ground-up, entirely from the perspective of a dog! It means that every detail of our Dog Daycare & Boarding Resort is designed with a dog’s perspective in mind.

Through research and consultation with canine experts we have eliminated stress triggers and developed ways to provide routine while your pet is in our care – from how and where your dog socializes, with whom, and what they encounter through smells, sights, sounds, and textures. Dog Purposeful – designed for and inspired by dogs.

At our facility, dogs are offered a balance of play, human interaction, problem solving, and rest to keep their minds active while allowing them to relax and reset. This includes time for a nap at least once a day (or more if needed) and plenty of opportunity for play and social time in our large indoor facilities.

Your pup can rely on a positive routine, and rhythm, to their day at Jet Pet Resort Olympic Village, just as they are able to do at home. Our facility features 7,000 square feet, including:

  • A variety of luxury dog suites
  • An indoor spa
  • A variety of expansive, and fun, indoor play areas
  • Nest cameras to record your pup playing each and every day
  • Chemical-free Ozone cleaning system

Owned In: British Columbia

Jet Pet Resort Olympic Village Services:

  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Daycare
  • Dog Grooming
  • Cat Boarding
  • Activities & Guest Services

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